Final products in C1 / LTT 1 meeting in Dobrich, Bulgaria

Students created Kahoot quizzes in groups on topic: Sexting (Codes on board)


Students created posters in groups on topic: How can I prevent online hate speech and violence


Students created videos in groups on topics: How would I like people to see me online? My online identity; Do people on video want to be filmed ?; How can I fix offline a broken relationship ?. Then they joined them together via YouCut app.

Video activity Group 1

Video activity Group 2

Video activity Group 3

Students worked in groups on topic: Find a TECHful solution to  the puzzle: how to prevent future online crime


Meeting in Bulgaria 5th-9th March 2018

Bulgarian group met all international partners and started the week with lots of emotions, creating memories and raising students’ digital and media literacy. All students were involved in working groups in order to cooperate better together. They were in a different group every day, so they had the opportunity to get along altogether. All participants received a gift from the Bulgarian school “St Kliment Ohridski”,Dobrich – a T-shirt and a magnet with the project’s logo, Erasmus+ logo and the school’s logo. In the beginning of the week the whole group was welcomed by the Vice Mayor of Dobrich municipality and was interviewed by local media.  In the end of the week all participants received certificates for their hard work and participation during the whole period of time in Bulgaria.






Evaluation meeting in Turkey

We have done an Evaluation meeting with Teachers & Students those participated in Bulgarian meeting of our project together with our headmaster, Murat Altundag. We have discussed the meeting details with cons and pros. Overall we have evaluated the competences that they have gained via the meeting as participants.


KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

KA219 – Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only


”Digital and Media Literacy for Sustainable Life Learning”

September 1st 2017 – August 31st 2019